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Choose Your Own Adventure (the Gordon Ramsay Edition)

The following is loosely based off a true story. Well it was my dream last night. Up until the ending. That's where you come in. Choose your own adventure. Are you Tarantino, the Coen Brothers, Bruckheimer, Shamylan, Apatow, Speilberg, Abrams?

I'm in an Army cafeteria and Chef Ramsay shoots a guy in the shoulder for arguing with him. Later we are competing on Hell's Kitchen and standing around, and Chef pokes fun at my mustache. So I poke fun at his shooting another man in the shoulder. He gets upset, and kicks me off Hell's Kitchen. Next thing I know, I'm the new head coach of the New Jersey Nets (sorry, Avery Johnson). Then I lie down to go to sleep on a friend's tiled living room floor with a fan at my head. Gordon Ramsay shows up at the door.

Then I woke up.

Does he:

A. Apologize for kicking me off Hell's Kitchen.


B. Insult me.


C. Vanish.

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Anonymous said...

D. He explains the futility of his exploits in terms of the constant devolution of society. He demonstrates the authenticity of his revelation by depicting in great detail the extremes he would have breached to ensure your demise. He grants you a brief, almost lifeless stare (3-5 seconds) and then walks away (into the night, possibly fog) leaving the door wide open and you staring into the abyss of a cruel world.

Kevin Goodwin