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Tripping the Deck Therapeutic

So I have some more dog-related thoughts. I apologize for anyone looking for conservative-biased political jabber or a Zooey Deschanel fansite. This will be neither.

1. Zooey Deschanel is so hyper. I mean, sometimes I'm ok with her running figure-eights around my furniture, but other times I just want
her to chill out. I haven't had much success breaking this 6 month old pony, but I've found two things work (and neither one involves violence). When I sit at my desk she cuddles up underneath it on my feet. Apparently it's an instinctual thing that goes back to wolves and caves. The other thing that works is opening the balcony door. For some reason my pup loves people-watching. I guess I can't blame her with my neighbors. She's very ADD at times, and this only reaffirms it in my mind. She sits for hours outside sometimes just chilling. I think it's quite therapeutic.
2. Zooey always runs at the puddles in the parking lot. While this is invariably an indictment on my parenting skills concerning watering the poor pup, I took something else away from it. As much as it makes sense in her mind to drink the water, being dehydrated and all from our walks, I don't want her to drink it because it's probably not super healthy for her. So she pokes along thinking I'm a jerk for keeping her from these oases, when in reality it's for her good. Kind of like I am with God. I don't get why I can't do this or have that or be there, but He has an idea of what's better. Certainly more of an idea than I have. So when I can't figure out why certain things play out the way they do or don't play out the way I want, maybe I'll be slower to frustration and quicker to enjoy the ride.

3. I love Zooey Deschanel. And I like playing with her. But my favorite is just petting her and loving on her. She'd rather squeak a chew toy or gnaw off a finger. I can get really annoyed with her for simply being a puppy, always being hyper, and never just sitting at my feet. And yet again this made me think of God. First because
of His patience. But oh, how much I love the busy-work of Christianity, the church gatherings and bible studies and mission trips.
I also love the materialism of life, the stuff that keeps me busy and distracted and away from peace. I strive in so many areas of life, be they religious or worldly. And in themselves they aren't bad, but apart from God, they're pointless. God doesn't call us to strive, but to rest. To find His burden light. And instead of sitting at His feet, and just enjoying who He is, I wrestle and wiggle and nibble my way free. Instead of knowing His love, and being found content in it, I find myself in a freedom advertised as independence, but full of mischief and loneliness. I want my heart to crave His goodness. To taste His beauty. And I want the fun of the world to seem even a little less so, so that I can just enjoy sitting at his feet.

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