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iRemote 1.0

I want to write about this because when it happens, I want to be able to go back and say, "that was my idea." So...

I want my iPhone to become a universal remote. You know you keep your iPhone with you wherever you go; I even have the Bible on it. With about 25 different languages too. That doesn't make me super pious, maybe super lazy, but it just shows how impressive this little gadget is. And since universal remotes have been around for ages in technology time, it shouldn't be impossible to create an app that solves this problem. I don't want a remote for the tv, and the ps3, and the dvd player, and the vcr, and the cable box, and the sound system--wait, VCR?! Maybe the phonograph too? Anyway. One gadget should do it, and with a real universal remote, there's still TWO gadgets, my iPhone and the real universal remote. So with iRemote, I should trademark the name, you could turn on the tv, turn on the sound system, turn on the cable box or the ps3, and watch whatever you want!

It's a gold mine. I can see the new AT&T commercial now.
Luke Wilson: "Wanna change the channel while you're on the phone, but Verizon won't let you? Try AT&T. It'll let you browse the web or change the channel all while you're talking on the phone. And you won't need TWO phones."

Yeah, maybe it's just fool's gold.

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