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I haven't had much motivation to write lately; it comes in spurts. But today was just too great a day. Let me explain.

I’ve been ready to buy a new car (Mazda CX-7) for a while now, but since there isn’t a Mazda dealership on the island, I have to go to Orlando or Melbourne or Daytona. So it’s one of those events you have to plan for.

Well two weeks ago I was ready to go, and I took my car to the car wash for a little bath before I traded it in later that evening. I pull out of the tunnel and up to the vacuum area, and all the workers start congregating around my passenger side door. I get out, and sure enough, my mirror is dangling by an electric cable.

So much for the new car.

So Monday rolls around of this week, and me and my posse are geared up to make the new purchase in the evening. So with new mirror attached, I back out of my parking spot. Only my car is barely moving. I stop, put it in park, and hop out, knowing what this means.

Flat tire.

So much for the new car.

Today is the day. I’m only working a half day so I can spend the afternoon, and hopefully not the evening, buying my new ride. It starts innocently enough. I wake up, late as usual, skip breakfast, and hobble down the stairs to my car. I open the door and notice dirt all over the inside. If I hadn’t just cleaned my car two weeks ago, this might’ve gone unnoticed, but alas, I had, and I did, and it got better. I get in and see that my steering column is busted open, the insides all hanging out, and my ignition resting peacefully on the floorboard. Whoever tried to steal my car didn’t do a very good job. I can’t even get my car stolen right.

I started thinking maybe this is a sign I don’t need the new car. Maybe the Mazda CX-7 is like 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42?!! Those of you who watch “Lost” know exactly what I’m talking about. My friends have promised me they aren’t a part of the Dharma Initiative.

After all, without my car or a ride, I am kind of stranded on an island.

What year is it anyway?