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To Eat or Not to Eat

Since it's been a help to the many folks I've talked to, I'm adding two new links to help people find restaurant and hotel inspections.

For all Florida restaurants (and hotels I think), click here. I added this because the previous post only listed restaurants in the Orlando and east coast of Florida. This should cover them all.

For all Mississippi restaurants, click here.

Have fun.


Barry said...

Up until recently, we here in Mississippi had a PASS / FAIL grading system. You had to be pretty abysmal to get a fail.

Fortunately, we now have a new chief health officer, and an A, B, C system.

Not exactly sweeping changes, but at least it's progress.

Now if we can just get country of origin labels on restaurant menus, we'll have a better idea of whether we're eating MS farm raised catfish or delicious, antibiotic-filled basa fish raised in ponds of fecal matter in Vietnam.

Change is a dirty word here in Mississippi.

Brent said...

Good to see Mississippi move towards more disclosure. Ha.

Hopefully you're right about the "change" bit. Maybe that will thwart Obama.