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Hail Mary, Full of What?

~According to this report, the NAACP will be ceremonially "burying" the "n-word." It credits youth for combatting the use of "racist and sexist slurs."

They should probably thank all the black rappers and athletes for their hard work while they're at it.

~This story notes the completion of the largest public restroom: 1,000 toilets. Some of the urinals are in the shape of crocodiles and "busts of the Virgin Mary."

I don't know about you, but something about peeing on Mary or even into a crocodile's mouth makes me a tad nervous.

~Speaking of tad, the discovery of a nine-legged frog is prompting discussions of what might have caused the mutation. Scientists believe it is not a man-made problem, but rather a parasite that causes cells to "rearrange" and grow extra limbs.

That's enough to make me wash my hands twice before dinner. Once for each appendage I want.

~The last news item reports that a gorilla baby was admitted to the intensive care unit of a hospital in Germany suffering from hypothermia.

It sort of gives new meaning to the idea of "universal health care."

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Anonymous said...

I saw that last news story on tv. I could have sworn it was your mom.