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How to Keep Off a Budha Belly

Every day I run across interesting articles online, so today I thought it would be a nice gesture to highlight them for you. Besides, I have all these smart alec things pent up inside me, so really this is a purely selfish and therapeutic gesture.

~The first article is about US Weekly Magazine not publishing any more stories about Paris Hilton. I know, it seems too good to be true. But it's real. They joke that they aren't even mentioning the city of Paris.

I'm torn: less Paris=more Tom Cruise.

~On the topic of Tom Cruise, this second article reveals that Tom Cruise's newest film shoot won't be happening, at least where he wants it to. His newest venture is about the unsuccessful assassination attempt on Hitler, and he and his production team wanted access to German military sites for a more authentic film. Well Germany banned them based on his religion, citing it as "a dangerous sect." Understandably his company is protesting their decision.

Those Germans--always causing trouble. First WWI, then WWII, now banning Tom Cruise from their country. Such bad aliens.

~I ran across this article the other day. Apparently a couple in New Zealand want to name their child "4real." Yes, the number 4 followed by the word "real." New Zealand won't let them, saying only letters are allowed. And no names that are potentially offensive; they then give some examples: Satan and Adolf Hitler. The parents claim there is no name that conveys the reality that they are really having a child any better than "4real."

That's funny. I think "Oops" would work.

~The last story is really two articles: here and then part two is here. Last year in India, this 4-year old boy, Budhia, attempted a 43 mile marathon. He only made it to mile 40. After the news spread, the government investigated to see if it qualified as abuse. They eventually declared it as "torture," and banned him from any further marathons until he was older.

This month, a year older, Budhia, now 5 years old, attempted to walk a 60 mile marathon. He was stopped by police under government order that it violated the decision from last year.

Budhia's starting to make me feel like I and every other 4+ year old American really is fat and lazy.

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