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Jayhawk Schmayhawk

Don't talk to me. I'm depressed. And yes, I know the gravity of that statement. Not disphoric. Depressed. I'm not eating. Then I'm over-eating. I'm sleeping like crazy. Crying like crazy. Cursing in my mind like crazy.

I hate college basketball.

Kansas thought it would be a great idea to shred my heart again this year. Brilliant season ending with another exit from the tournament. And no ring to show for it.

I'd almost rather lose in the first round for the third year in a row. Almost.

What a PITIFUL game. They played awful. Deserved to lose. And they deserve to lose my support.

But they won't.

But that's because I'm great, not them.

Why do I pick losers? Kansas. The Orlando Magic. The Kansas City Chiefs. Republicans. Rocky.

I'm boycotting the Final Four this year. Unless UCLA's in it.

Then I'll root against them. Like I'll be doing for THE REST OF MY LIFE.


Barry said...

Woah. Glad I don't give a jayhawk's tail feather about basketball. Sounds like too much trouble.

Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

Brent rooting for the GATORS?? I like the sound of that!!

Lindsay said...

read it.

Jaci Marie said...


Beka said...

Hey brent. so i can't say i care about basketball.

Matt said...

i got an extra gators shirt if you wanna wear it

Taylor said...

if you root for the gators, i don't think we can be friends.