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April Fool's Eve Miracle

In my last post, I mentioned I would be boycotting the Final Four this year, and that I would only unboycott the NCAA tournament if it meant rooting AGAINST UCLA. In my haste and hatred, I did not consider the consequences of such an action. A wise lesson I suppose. Rooting against UCLA in their next game would involve me rooting FOR the Florida Gators. And well, *insert hearty chuckle* that's just not gonna happen.

So there's only one real solution to my problem.

Pray for an April Fool's Eve Miracle.

And "What is that?" you ask.

Praying that they BOTH LOSE the game tonight.


Lindsay said...

you are ridiculous, brent newberry. and if FL loses, you are no longer coming over for you better pray they win.

Taylor said...

good. i was worried you were going to make a HUGE mistake. i'm glad you realized it before the game.

Jaci Marie said...

Guess what? Dave Barnes will be in Oxford this Wednesday. I want to go. No one needs to be at school on Thursday. Does my mom agree? Of course not.

I'm just a tad bit upset.

That's all.