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It Must Be A Full Moon

A friend of mine said I should give up 24 for Lent.

She's crazy.


Maybe I'll give her up for Lent.


Anonymous said...

Hey Brent, while you're checking out videos and interested in politics, check out this British video about America. It's a shame that somebody even felt they had to make an ad like this.

-Dave C.

Anonymous said...

Okay, forgot the link. Here 'tis:

-Dave C.

Anonymous said...

Let me try that one more time, since it cut the link off:


-Dave C.

Brent said...


I checked out the link; I liked it. I swear people forget America is a good guy. ha.

As for Mitt Romney, he's actually pumping out ads this coming week in early primary states. Crazy that it's starting so soon. Smart move though. That ties in to my next comment...

About Rudy, he's leading for a few reasons I think.
1. Incredible POSITIVE name recognition. 9/11 blew him out of the water to every one in the country, not just republicans.
2. Electability. Republicans are extremely nervous after the midterm elections and about a potential Hilary or Obama candidacy. Both would be fairly formidable with the media love fest and all. Giuliani looks in so many polls like he would defeat both handily, including a vote from my very lib lil bro.
3. The polls of Republicans are not too reliable at this point. It's about the name recognition. Newt Gingrich is polling 2nd in many polls and 3rd behind McCain in the others. Newt is more accurate of Conservatives' votes right now. It may be an accurate reflection of overall Republican sentiment at this point with Rudy running ahead, but I wouldn't consider him the favorite of conservatives. Especially once his stances are realized on abortion, gay rights, gun control, environment, etc. He's strong on defense, and like McCain and the others, he'll be running to the right. But that's a tough sell. Mitt will have a hard time because he's such an unknown name, but that could just as easily play into his favor. If conservatives and other Repubs see him, they'll be captivated.

The End. ha.

Taylor said...

whoever said that is my hero. i'm giving up coffee for lent, i think you can give up a TV show.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I checked out that Mitt TV site and the lib writer is right ... he is pretty captivating. I really liked a lot of what he said. (I especially like how he man-handled Don Imus). Anyway, he needs a LOT of exposure and I think the polls will change a lot.

Dave C.