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A Fly-by Shatting

I parked under a tree the other day.

Birds are such racists.

And cowards.

Using Fly-by Shattings.


Matt said...

Sometimes, when I see massacres like this take place, I wish that like birds, I didn't possess a sphincter.

trace said...

darnit, matt, i wished you blogged. never have i known anyone who could say so much with so few word and such little effort..i applaud you...and should you never choose to blog, i shall accept that and recommend that you take over where Jack Handy left off...deep thoughts, my friend, deep thoughts

oh, and, hey, brent....sux to be you...


Brent said...

get a room you two.

or at least send him a text message about it.

trace said...

i hate you and your saracasm too