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David Blane-like

My History-making Undertaking

As I said on myspace, 1pm TODAY is go-time on the Full Season Sit Through. And like David Blane, the master magician or demon possessed regular guy, I will be updating you on my condition.

To all my supporters, thanks. Without you I'd just be, well lonely. I only wish I'd recruited financial support and sponsorships for this history-making undertaking. $1-$10 if I make it. Like a Walk-a-thon. I'd've paid off another 6 months of retirement.

To all the naysayers, the nitpicks, and the negative ne'er-say-wells, I know Jack probably pees during commercials. Maybe even grabs a frostie during commercials. And I know the DVDs don't have commercials. But that makes this no less daunting a mission. No less courageous an endeavor. No less legitimate a cause. I do this for me, for you, for the country. I do this for all the kids out there who pray every night to be a spy like me and Jack. We were born for this. It's our calling. Our mandate. It's who we are.

I leave you with a quote from Emilio Estevez as Billy the Kid in "Young Guns" (which coincidentally starred Keifer Sutherland, also known as Jack Bauer).

"Reap the whirlwind, Murphy. Reap it."

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