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ADHD Remedy of the Week

Vol. 1.3
Mom Spanked the Gay Out of Me

I'm a little off on my updates, being out of town and stuff. Retirement is a time to travel after all. But let's get right to it.

Four ideas for you to cure your boredom, depression, distractibility, or fidgetiousness:

First. Watch Heroes.
Second. Watch Jericho.
Third. Watch Prison Break.
Fourth. Surf Irish Salsa.

Heroes is unreal. Seriously. Get caught up. It's super. I love that there are bad guys with superpowers too. The dude that put the lady detective's gun to her head with just his mind? Rock on.

Jericho, I'm still catching up, but wow. Denver. Philly. Chicago. Atlanta. Where else?

Prison Break is back baby. Literally and figuratively. It starts back Monday at 8pm Eastern. But maybe more importantly, it's back to it's greatness. Warning: Don't read the rest of this paragraph if you plan on watching from the beginning...Prison Break is back after a slump the last few episodes since Abruzzi died. Not cool. I was ready to write it off. I think my patience will be rewarded. It's now the Fox River 6.

And now for a little Irish Salsa...

The first vid is from a friend of mine. We're in a rap/video battle (we write rap and look for crazy videos) that I think I'm winning, but no doubt this round went to him.

HA. HA. HA. Can I watch it again please?

Next vid is some guys shooting full beer cans at objects with a potato launcher. Not sure why I like it. It's just neat.

Next. Ever lost money to a vending machine? It's a true test of character isn't it? Well here's another test of character. This video lays out a way for you to make back some of the money you lost. I don't recommend you doing it, but if you can't help yourself, try to keep to only as many times as you've been messed over...

Finally, this last one has sparked a lot of discussion on over whether it's real or a spoof. You decide.

Someone commented on that they saw the ep live. They added this, "Notice the man handling the snake is actually controlling it with the "clamp". Notice the lights on the ambulance never go on. If you don't believe it...after the commercial break, Kimmel interviewed members of the show Grey's Anatomy from the hospital bed SET of Grey's Anatomy. Then...after another commercial break we see the snake was a close-up and some guy was doing the voice and controlling the opening and closing of it's mouth."

I didn't see it live, and maybe this person is right. Or maybe since these episodes are taped anyway, Kimmel went back and made fun of himself and the incident after he was released from the hospital, by going to the Grey's Anatomy set and making a fake snake spoof. Or maybe we'll never know.

Alright I'm out. Hope the week finds you a little less stressed and your distractibility finds itself at home.

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