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Do a Little Irish Salsa

So I've decided to embrace my heritage. I've been half-Mexican my whole life, and the other half of me is white. Yeah, I'm striped like a Zebra. Well recently I learned that "white" isn't even a race or heritage--pretty much just a color. Then St. Patrick's Day rolled around and I wished I were part Irish. Turns out I am. So I think that means I don't have to wear green on St. Patrick's Day anymore, and now I can wear "Kiss me. I'm Irish" T-shirts a wee bit more legitimately. Yeah, the "wee bit more" was supposed to be read with an Irish accent. I'm not completely half-Irish though; apparently I'm a mut. I have Welsch (sp?), Irish, English and Scottish-ness in me. Actually, I'm surprised I'm as dark as I am.

My MLB predictions since it's the cool thing this week:

AL East:
NYY-is there really any doubt? 8 in a row and 9 of last 10. Let's make it a 9-peat. And I probably should go trademark that. 9-peat. Boston? Everyone who thinks they'll even be competitive is foolish. Manny and Ortiz are huge, but no one else. It's neat that they produce a champion every third generation or so. I'm really ok with that management strategy. 80 some odd years to go and they'll be back. Look at it this way, after this season, that's two of the 86 out of the way...

AL Central:
CHW-Detroit Pistons' fans dream of the what ifs with Carmelo Anthony or Dwayne Wade and most agree it's scary-after the nausea subsides. Thome for Rowand? And lose the Big Hurt's Big Attitude, Big Salary, and Big Injury Issues and you're looking at repeat division champs.

AL West:
LAA-The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. I pick them almost so I can root for the absurdity that is a two citied team. I hear the A's are looking into becoming the Oakland Athletics From Just Across the Golden Gate Bridge. Honestly, I don't like any of these teams. The A's always seem to make a run at the Wild Card, and I guess that's their only chance this year.

AL Wild Card:
OAFJAGGB: In two years, I'd say Tampa Bay. Cleveland's pitching is suspect to me, and Oakland never seems to lack despite losing studs to major markets.

NL East:
PHI-Honestly, Jason. I like their team. Braves look good, and yes they've done this a zillion times before. But the streak may be over, and not because I'll be rooting silently for as much. It's just bound to happen sometime, and I pick this year. New pitching coach, young players, aging players, Ted Turner selling the team. It was a nice run, but they'll be joining the Red Sox in returning to reality.

NL Central:
STL-Albert "I am a man amongst boys" Pujols. Enough said.

NL West:

NOO-That's NOONE. Are you kidding me? Theses teams give credibility to the "expand the playoffs" crowd. Houston, Atlanta, New York, Florida, even the Chicago Cubs, stand to be left out of the postseason because a sub-.500 division champion will take their place. Let the record show I want an exemption to the Wild Card. If a runner-up to the Wild Card is 7.0 games up on a division "leader," they can go instead. I dont know, alphabetically: Arizona. Sorry Jeff.

NL Wild Card:
ATL-Well if MLB had adopted my exemption policy, I'd still have the Braves in the Wild Card, but Houston and Florida could duke out the NL West's playoff spot. But alas, Atlanta slips into another post-season; and yes, expect the same result. One streak ends, another grows: playoff appearances in a row without winning another title.

NYY over LAA in 5
ALCS: NYY over CHW in 7

NLDS: STL sweeps ATL
PHI over Arizona in 4
NLCS: STL over PHI in 6

World Series: STL over NYY in 7

AL Cy Young: Halladay
NL MVP: The Man
NL Cy Young: Jake Peavy


jason said...

nice, but you've got to be kidding me with the Phillies. They're third at best, maybe fourth. Anyway, welcome to the world o'bloggin

Sheri Ann said...

Hmmmm...I'm finding new things every day! Nice blog!

Sheri Ann said...

PS - My best friend Jana spent a summer with your "sister" in Africa! Small world!

Carrie Cutrer said...

brent, the blog is nice - but, uh, when are you going to post again? you can't keep us in suspense like this.
and sheri ann - it's truly a small world.

jeff said...

you're insane for thinking the marlins will be a 500 team this year. If I was opposing them I'd pitch to evryone, including joe girardi, except M.Cabrera. It is gonna be a long year in south florida, not without hope for 3 years from now. They have a lot of young talent. glad your blogging compadre, just actually post.

jason said...

so i noticed your pic of the Astros celebrating, and you put it next to your NL East prediction, as if to remind me that the Astros beat the Braves. I also noticed that the pic is titled braves.jpg or something like that. But you do realize that it is a pic of the Astros celebrating their victory over the Cardinals, thus closing old Busch Stadium forever don't you? Just checking.